What are your favorite projects to date and why?

I had the opportunity to style decorator Amanda Lindroth's book, Island Hopping, which was published by Vendome Press. That was super-exciting because I love her personal style so much and it suits my nature, perhaps more so then anyone else's. I spent a year with photographer Tria Giovan in the Caribbean working on that project. I like the challenge of styling in the islands - where you must come up with every single flower, branch, or fruit. In other words, there's no flower market available and no shipping anything in, flowers, vases or otherwise. So, I use what I can get my hands on and often climb a tree for a flamboyant bloom or stalk of bananas.

The islands make me happy - I mean, i know they make everyone happy, but I always feel at home there! I prefer tropical flowers and trees to any other group.

Your career has taken you all over the world, can you tell us some of your favorite destinations?

I've been to almost every island in the Caribbean. My favorites are Jamaica and Cuba. Jamaica will always be a special place to me...

I really like the coast of Maine as well, and the Great Lakes are always a treat.

I love any job in Mexico - I really like Mexico! I've done a number of shoots in Baja but also one on Isla Holbox recently, which was neat.

I've done a handful of jobs in Utah - which is a state thats so beautiful and exciting to me travel-wise. There are so many other places... I have traveled so much.

A lot of my favorite places also are dependent on the job there and the people. I've met many wonderful people all over the place - most whom I still keep up with fairly regularly... of course Instagram helps with that!