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Let's Set the Table

Good news: You don’t have to Google “place settings” anymore to know where to put the salad fork. We’re here to help. Our simple, straightforward guide to dressing your table—from casual lunches to formal dinner parties—takes the guesswork out of any tabletop landscape. Follow the Freshly Set checklist and measurement guide to ensure you have all the right ingredients for your specific event (and for your particular tabletop).

Casual Setting

Lunch with the ladies? Here’s all you need—and maybe some bubbly.

Formal Setting

Holiday dinner party? Use this "map," and make Emily Post proud.

Rectangular Table

Sizes 55" to 70" x 110" to 120"

fits table length

62" to 110" Long

Round Table

86" diameter to 99" diameter

fits round tables up to 70" diameter

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