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At Freshly Set, we believe that the table is the heart of any home—a place where people gather to break bread, share conversation, and create memories together. Whether it’s a family dinner for four or a soirée for sixteen, we believe your table should tell a memorable, beautiful story. That’s where Freshly Set comes in....

We are a tabletop rental service offering designer goods delivered directly to your doorstep. Our online catalogue of tablecloths and accessories from top designer brands makes it incredibly easy for you to entertain in style. Shop the Freshly Set collection, compose your look, and let us help you curate an unforgettable aesthetic for any occasion.


Select your favorite items from our collection to rent.  


Items will be delivered directly to your door by the date selected. Items are all yours for 4 days - We recommend selecting delivery 1-2 days before your event.



Set your table, sit back, and enjoy.

Check out @freshlyset or email us for any styling help!


Pack items in Freshly Set bag (included), attach prepaid label, and return. P.S. We’ll handle the cleaning… How’s that for easy entertaining?

design your next dinner party!